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Many Kenyans living abroad tend to invest in property in their home country, every Kenyan desire is to own a property ranging from piece of land, townhouses, apartments ,holiday homes and to do this most of them entrust their relatives with their hard earned income.

From, Latest Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) data shows that the remittances in the first three months of the year(2017) totaled $432.6 million (Sh44.7 billion) compared to $415.6 million in quarter one of 2016 (Sh42.1 billion at the March 2016 exchange rate).Possibly a huge chuck of the money goes to diverse property investments and projects.

As result inability to know prices of various construction equipment’s ,relatives take this as their opportunity to ask overestimate the cost of cement , mabati , bricks to their own selfish gains, only in the long run the relative living abroad come to realize there is no project or rather no construction ongoing back home but a ghost one.

Primeston Real-estate offers our diaspora clientele a stepping stone and a memorable journey towards home ownership here in Kenya. We have partnered with contractors to develop houses, rental units for you.

We take you through the whole process, land buying, development of architectural design, construction of which you will feel at home while abroad.

We also get you the best real estate deals available in both Mombasa and Nairobi, Kenya.

One more thing, send us an email or call/Whatsapp us, for the ultimate experience.

Phone: +254737486137 / +254796186070
Email: diaspora@primestonestates.com

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